Stereo System

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Tahoe Stereo System Details


 1. POWER: DUAL 220 Amp  High Output Alternators by Dominick
 2. Security:  Excalibur 1000 shock sensor, window and  lock module, hatch trigger
 3. Head unit:  Panasonic CQ-DFX700u
4. Laptop: IBM Thinkpad T-40. DVD, Games,MP3's, Navigation ETC.. in custom center console
5. CD Changer:  Panasonic CXD88  8 disc
6. Highs:  Image Dynamics Horns CD1pro-mh
7. Mid Range Drivers: Image Dynamics CX54 Chameleons in custom fiberglass kickpanels
8. Mid Bass:
Image Dynamics  2 sets CX64 Chameleons in custom fiberglass door pods
9. Lows:
  32 Elemental Designs EU700 6.5" Subwoofers
10. Amplifiers:  1.Elemental Designs NINe.2 (horns)
                          2. Elemental Designs NINe.2 (Mid Range)
                         3. Elemental Designs NINe.2x (Mid Bass)
                        4. Elemental Designs NINe.1  (Master) subs
                        5. Elemental Designs NINe.1 (Slave) subs
11. Processing:  1. Precision Power DEQ230 Equalizer
                           2. Precision Power FRX-456 Crossover
12 Dual Optima Red Top batteries

13. Wiring:   Dual 1/0 to 2 blocks. 4 gauge to each sub amplifier. 8 gauge to each front stage amplifier.
14. B-Quiet/Q-pads Sound Deadening 2 layers on doors, quarters, and floor. 2 layers plus a q-pad layer on transmission hump, firewall, and roof.
15.Custom Fiberglass subwoofer enclosure and amp rack:  Custom painted the color of the truck with graphics added. Then sanded and polished to a showroom luster.

16. Custom Accent Lighting: 30 ft- 5mm sideglow fiber optics and numerous Blue Ultrabright LEDs

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