Sound Deadening

200 Sq. Ft. of B-quiet, and alot of Q-Pads were used to dampen the vehicles interior body panels.

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fdoor2.jpg (45019 bytes)

Front Door


door1.jpg (39977 bytes)

Rear Door


d4.jpg (48252 bytes)

Interior removed, floor covered

d5.jpg (40142 bytes) 

Second Layer


d1.jpg (37119 bytes)

2 on floor plus Q-Pads on trans hump

d3.jpg (42867 bytes)

Second Layer


gtfoam.JPG (61312 bytes)

Expandable Foam in the tailgate

gtfoam1.JPG (62020 bytes)

More foam

gtfoam2.JPG (60616 bytes)

Foam layer #1

Use caution with Expandable Foam!!

It will deform your panels if too much is applied. I applied mine in the cold weather, About 40 F. This will cause the foam to expand much less, allowing some control. I filled half the tailgate and allowed to expand and cure. Soon I will add some more to fill the rest of the gate.



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