DIY LED light using an old Beamswork fixture

My Beamswork 36" Light began to flicker badly. I decided to use the fixture to make a new light.

First, I removed the 2 screws that hold the end caps on each side.

slide the ends off the main fixture.

Now you can slide the clear acrylic sheet out of the fixture.

Remove the 8 screws holding the circuit panel to the fixture housing and slide the circuit board out of the fixture.

Cut wires off the circuit board and  set the end caps aside

The Beamswork light comes with a 21 volt power supply. This power supply is too large for
 the 12volt lights I'm using.
I found another power supply with the correct 12 volt rating.

I bought these 12volt Daytime Running lights from They were $1 each with $2 shipping for a pair.
I used 3 pair total and with shipping cost a total of $9.

The lights are 17cm or 6.75". they come with 2 sided tape to secure them to the fixture.

I installed all the lights into the fixture and soldered all the wires together. I wired them in parallel
so red to red, black to black, all the way down the light.

Testing the lights to insure proper polarity and function.

Pretty bright!

I soldered the negative to the negative from the light plug and used heat shrink to protect the connection.
Then I added female terminals and installed them on the rocker switch.

Finally, slide the clear acrylic sheet into the housing and install both end caps.

Install it on top of the tank and here she is, nice and bright for $9!

Hope this helps when you decide to salvage your light fixture.