Custom Fabricated Center Console

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P6120015.JPG (48702 bytes)

MDF framed out

P6120016.JPG (59888 bytes)

Expanding foam on the back to give me the nice shape

P6120017.JPG (43124 bytes)

Marked and cut to basic shape

P6120019.JPG (43532 bytes)

Sanded to final desired shape

P6120021.JPG (44322 bytes)

Stretched t-shirt over entire console and glass over it.

P6170001.JPG (62211 bytes)

console with 4 layers of Matting. Now forming the space between Laptop and crossover with exp. foam..

P6170002.JPG (60348 bytes)

side shot

P6170003.JPG (62403 bytes)

Console with CD changer rectangle cut out.

P6250261.JPG (45419 bytes)

Smoothed, painted, and installed using factory mounting locations.

P6250264.JPG (44400 bytes)

CD changer installed

P6250267.jpg (49684 bytes)

Laptop Closed

P6250266.JPG (47880 bytes)

Laptop open


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