Drunken Gummy Bears


This tutorial was made combining photos from 2 different batches I made.

Recipe Ingredients

        Gummy Bears (amount depends on your party)

        Vodka of Choice

        Single serve drink mix packet (Kool Aid Or Hawaiian Punch)

        2-3 Ounces water

        Aluminum pan or Tupperware pan with lid or saran wrap.


Walmart has the generic 40oz gummy bears for $4



 First, Place a layer of Gummy Bears in the pan/dish


Pour Vodka over gummy bears until they are completely covered

I used Raspberry Vodka in this batch.


Place in Refrigerator for 24-48 hours. Stir once or twice a day and top off vodka if needed.  24 hours is bare Minimum unless you want a hard chewy center.

After the 24-48 hours, remove the bears from the refrigerator.


Mix the kool aid/Hawaiian Punch single serve packet with a minimum amount of water. Use just enough water to dilute the mix.




Next, pour the mix into the pan and stir to blend it with the vodka.


Place back in fridge for another 24 hours.

After the 24 hours, remove the bears from the refrigerator, drain the vodka into a glass and save it (donít waste itÖ LOL)

The bears will double in size so donít be surprised.



Dump bears into a Tupperware bowl and serve with a spoon, or let your guests try to retrieve them from the bowl. Thatís part of the fun. Theyíre slippery little suckers.