Sterilite  DIY Sump Build

Items purchased from Target, Lowes, and the Dollar store.

Parts list:

The 5 drawer Storage Cart is item #2814 (Target) - $17.99
The 110 quart Storage Tub is item #1764 (Target) - $14.99

*This is the PVC list for single overflow to the sump. If you have Dual overflows,
you will need to purchase 2 of everything below. (Besides Pot scrubbers)

1” PVC threaded cap Item #23887 (Lowes) - $1.26
1” PVC male adapter Item #23858 (Lowes) - $0.66
1” PVC 90 Elbow (threaded x slip) Item #22703 (Lowes) - $1.30
1” Poly male barb adapter Item #22540 (Lowes Sprinkler Section) - $0.47
1 ½ x 1 ¼ Rubber Washer Item #30598 (Lowes Sink/Drain Section) - $2.29
Short Length of 1”schedule 40 PVC (Lowes) - $2.00-3.00
Pot Scrubbers 10 bags, 6 per bag (Dollar Store) - $10.00



The size of the holes I drilled in the top of the cart for the PVC were 1-3/8”. If you want a tighter fit, you can drill 1-1/4 “ holes.
I used a Forstner drill bit, but a Paddle bit will work also.

The holes that were drilled in the drawers are:
5mm for the top 2 drawers
6mm for the remaining lower drawers






*Click to enlarge images*
Warning- Enlarged images are HUGE!

 Assemble the bulkhead as pictured below: You will need to cut the PVC Cap in half so you can use it as a nut on the bulkhead.
I used a foot long piece of pvc and the male adapter screwed onto the cap and just used my miter saw to cut the end off.

Use the drill bit and drill the holes in the lid of the cart. The lid just snaps off as the cart is fully modular.


Assemble bulkhead into lid of cart. I used one rubber gasket on each side of lid.


Now onto the drawers. We will use one drawer as a template since we wont need the bottom drawer for sump operation.
Flip cart over and use a marker to mark where the drawer is clear of the cart. disregard holes for now.

Measure and mark holes 1" apart using the marker lines as your guide.

 Drill all of the marks with a 5mm drill bit and it will look something like this:

You now have your template to drill the other drawers.

Stack the template drawer onto drawer #1 and mark all the holes with the marker and drill the 5mm holes.

Once the holes are drilled, Mark the drawer on the front #1
Drawer #1 will need to have a relief cut out of the back to clear the bulkhead nut(s)

I used a razor blade and trimmed the plastic tabs off the back of the drawers to ease drawer removal.

Continue to mark and drill the remaining drawers. One more drawer with 5mm holes, and the rest of the drawers at 6mm holes.

You can assemble the cart however you like. I used 2 small drawers up top(floss/prefilters), then the larger drawer for the pot scrubbers, followed by the 1 small lower drawer(charcoal/chem-pure, whatever you want) and the bottom drawer slot will not be used.

Place the drawer unit into the Sterilite 110Q tub, install the submersible pump, connect your overflow hose(s), and add water.

Start it up and test for leaks

Hope this helps you with your build!!!